TAG for Internet of everyThing

A unique tag with Infinite powers to provide single point solution for all your IIOT needs

  • Indoor Location
    indoor trace, locate, get movement logs

  • Accurate Sensing
    Smart sense in real time with maximum accuracy. Powered by super long, durable, long range, high power sensor nodes.

  • AI Alerts
    Smart monitoring with AI to help you get alerts and control whenever it needs your attention

  • its a MagicTAG
    It works almost everywhere. Being your manufacturing line, warehouse, branch office or retail store.

  • Super long battery
    Super long battery with 1 year battery life.

  • Plug and Play Infra
    Scale up or extend infra structure with truly plug and play reader/sensors network.

One Tag to do it call

InFiTAG is an Industrial IOT devices to help automate operations with material/man/assets movement using our powerful long range contactless tiny tag for seamless tracking, locating and transacting indoor or outdoor premises.


Locate/Track/Analyse Real Time
Timestamped accurate data processed by big data analytics engine to deliver near real-time suggestions and alerts.
Optimize Business Processes
Smart actionable insights powered by data analytics to optimize business processes and systems, which leads to higher margins.
Accurate Sensing
Add need base smart sensing in real time with maximum accuracy. Powered by super long, durable, long range, powerful sensor nodes.
Improve Productivity
Get your business powered by InFiTAG Smart industry for real-time man/material movement traces, stocks/inventory management, operations automation and transfers.
Remove Manual errors
Remove all time taking, non-value added activities and errors due to manual interventions thus improving productivity to a new height.
Real-Time Inventory
Get round the clock 24 x 7 real-time details for movements traces,  status, other parameters logging for all your parts, products, manpower, assets, inventory and finish goods.
Scale up Anytime
Reliable, durable, plug and play readers to scale up in munites or start operations at new infra almost instantly. Super fast and simple administration.

Get more from one

upgrade now to Industry 4.0 and beyond

Why to settle in Industry with always evolving technology. Join InFiTAG Next gen IIOT solutions to be the best of its breed of IIOT

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Our Products


    Tag Readers

    Powerfull 100m range with the capability to scan, request and transmit (using WIFI/GSM) to local/cloud server (via MQTT). Built with latest wireless standards protected by IP rated casing.
  • InfiTAG


    Super long range 100m with 1-year battery life to transmit parameters to InFiSense Hub. Built with the latest lightweight long-range wireless protocol.
  • InFiTAG Pro
    InFiTAG Pro

    MagicTAG + Sensors

    Super long range 100m with 1-year battery life to transmit accelerometer/ temperature/ Pressure/ humidity to InFiSense Hub.